11-in-1 Air Quality Monitor


Indoor CO2/VOC/AQI/PM2.5/Thermometer/Humidity Monitor, Portable Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Home Office Outdoor, Battery Powered.

  • 【11-in-1 Functionality】: Carbon monoxide detectors not only displays time and date, but also provides real-time data on AQI, CO, PM2.5, PM10, humidity, temperature, TVOC, HCHO, and CO2. Color display bar under each data of the CO2 detector will change according to the carbon dioxide concentration, and will issue a warning to remind you when the value exceeds 1800ppm to ensure the safety of your indoor environment.
  • 【High Precision Sensors】: Air quality monitor indoor is equipped with high-precision sensors to ensure accurate test results with minimal deviation, giving you reliable air quality data so you can make informed decisions about ventilation and indoor air purification. The CO2 monitor enters the screen saver energy-saving mode after 30 minutes of operation. Press any key to end the screen saver.
  • 【Large LED Screen】: Our air quality monitor uses a large 6.29×1.61-inch LED display, the numbers are large and clear, and the screen brightness can be adjusted at will, allowing you to easily read data under different lighting conditions. You only need to press the “+” or “-” button when the indoor air quality monitor is turned on to adjust the screen, providing visual comfort and convenience.
  • 【Versatile Application】: Suitable for various environments, including homes, newly renovated houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and can even be carried when traveling. Air quality meter is compact and portable, and can also be charged with a mobile power supply. Humidity monitors can help you monitor and alert when ventilation is needed to ensure a healthy indoor environment.
  • 【Stylish Design】: Smart air quality monitor can not only be used as a device to detect indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, but it can also double as a stylish desktop decoration. The controversial appearance of the air monitor is simple and stylish, exuding a sense of modern technology. Even if it is just placed on a bedside table or desk, it is a good atmosphere decoration.