Blu Tech Pressure Regulator


The inside of the Pressure Regulator is filled with high-class silicone oil. The gauge is filled with oil to prevent water intrusion and rust, creating a stronger seal, and prolong the service life. The Pressure Regulator is lead-free and treated by hot casting and double plating process technology, which inhibits bacterial growth.

The Blu Tech Quick Connect Pressure Regulator is designed with ¾” thread (garden hose threading), compatible with all standard USA water spickets. The Dual-Layer inlet screened filter helps filter sediment to prevent clogs and valve damage, bringing you continuous water flow which is about 2-4 gallons per minute.

The Pressure Regulator adjusts Water Pressure from 0-160 PSI. Different campsites have different water pressures and are suitable for different conditions. Adjust the screw on top of the regulator to select your desired pressure setting.

Blu Technology recommends setting your water pressure at around 40-60PSI. Turn clockwise to increase pressure, turn counterclockwise to decrease pressure. The Blu Tech Quick Connect Pressure Regulator is preset at 45 PSI.