Dump Buddy – RV Sewer Hose Fastening Device


This is the PERFECT RV Sewer Accessory for all those non-standard connections!

  • PREVENT ACCIDENTAL SPILLS: As RV’ers, we know that unexpected spills while dumping waste can be both disgusting and embarrassing. Give yourself a second set of hands and a sense of peace with Dump Buddy, which keeps your waste hose securely fastened
  • PATENTED-DESIGN: The only mechanical RV hose support device on the market that secures your waste hose connector to a 90-degree elbow. You won’t find any other RV accessories like Dump Buddy!
  • FEATURES: Enjoy our lightweight, compact, and easy to use RV sewer hose adapter device. Paired with a mesh drying bag, canvas carrying case, and a detailed instructions manual; this truly is a travel companion every camper must have!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Designed for standard elbows and waste pipes between 3.9″ – 5.75″ (OD), Dump Buddy’s RV sewer adapter is easily washable and constructed from high-quality HPDE and ABS plastic.
  • HOW TO USE: Tested to handle over 10lbs of holding force, tighten snugly around the base of the pipe with the tightening knob opposite of the pipe. Then, simply swing the top arm into place and secure comfortably! Avoid over-tightening the knobs.