Gabe’s Pride Cream Cleanser


This stuff is GREAT for Slide Marks on the RV floor!

With Gabe’s Pride Cream Cleanser, stainless steel will never be easier to clean! Versatile and can be used in your RV, motorhome, home and more.

Use on sinks, toilets, showers/tubs, mold and mildew, pots and pans, chrome on vehicles, boat props, trailers and more. Squeeze a small amount onto a damp cloth, gently work onto the surface you are cleaning, and rinse. When cleaning brushed stainless steel, always clean with the grain of the metal.

Squeeze a small amount on a wet cloth for cleaning shower tiles and grout. Work in, let set, and rinse to leave everything clean and bright. For toilets with stubborn hard water rings, squeeze a little onto a wet, fabric toilet swab and gently work Cream Cleanser onto the hard water ring and flush to rinse clean.

The smaller size bottles do not take up a lot of space and our high quality cleaners mean you don’t need to scrub as hard or use as much cleaner like you have to do with other products.

A little goes a very long way and once you have it clean, use Gabe’s Pride Bathroom Cleaner for routine cleaning and upkeep.

Some places to use:

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showers / Tubs
  • Shower Tiles and Grout
  • Stainless Steel, Copper, and Aluminum
  • Remove hard water spots on Glass and Mirrors
  • Pots and Pans
  • Coffee Pots and Carafes
  • Boat Props
  • and more