GasStop Propane 100% Emergency Shut-Off Safety Device


Be sure to see our demonstration video HERE!

If you have an RV with a POL Style Propane Tank, THIS is the one you want.

GasStop™ is the only emergency 100% shut-off safety device for bottled and portable propane systems with ACME type connections. In the event of a major leak, GasStop™ will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas. This device is designed for propane bottles in your RV.

If you have a propane leak in your RV, there is no device that will completely stop the flow of propane into your RV until now. The existing OPD and excess flow valves on a propane tank will not shut the propane off should you have a leak. When you use the GasStop device, you will have 100% confidence that if you have a propane leak that the propane will be shut off from your RV immediately.