Gauge Master Premium Propane Splitter 2 Way Tee Y Adapter 3 Way 100% Solid Brass Connector


  • USE 2 APPLIANCES WITH ONE PROPANE TANK: This splitter adapter allows 2 hoses to 1 propane tank simultaneously or separate. Whether for your tabletop grill or bbq equipment or your RV camping stoves, cooker or heaters, this premium propane tee adapter allows an easy 3 way connection for multiple uses.
  • CONNECT TWO LP REGULATORS TO ONE PROPANE Y ADAPTER: Use with up to a 40LB tank. Operate two propane burners independently from a single tank. Easily attach two cookers or appliances to one tank tee.
  • EASY NO PIPE THREAD INSTALLATION NEEDED: Hand tighten only – which provides a secure airtight connection. It’s very easy to use and install, and does not require any tools or pipe thread tape.
  • UNIVERSAL PROPANE FIT: 1 Male Type 1 / QCC and 2 Female QCC/Type 1
  • HIGH QUALITY 100% SOLID BRASS MATERIALS: Built to withstand the elements and corrosion. Includes caps according to DOT regulations. We can be certain they meet the high standards and expectations of our customers – you!