Kitchen Sink Strainer, 2Pcs Stainless Steel


Stop larger particles of food from fouling up your grey tank!

  • FITS MOST SINKS: Set of 2; mesh drain strainers, fits standard 3.5” sink drains; Outer diameter is 4.5”; inner mesh filter basket is 3” wide; depth: 1.5”, fits most sink drains and garbage disposal drains; The wide rim ensures our sink screen also fits in bigger drains, not only the standard 3.5” kitchen sink; They will also sit in smaller 3” drains
  • STRONG DURABILITY: Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel, rust-free; Easy to clean debris and buildup; lift out and dump contents into a garbage can; Our kitchen sink strainer is heavy enough to sit snugly in the sink; The drain basket will stay in place even when using high water pressure
  • EFFECTIVE ANTI-CLOGGING: Large basket surface area catches and retains substantial amount of debris; micro mesh only allows the smallest particles through the 2.00mm diameter holes; The strainer catches the rest of the food, hair, and other debris
  • KITCHEN SINK STRAINER: Designed with a smooth curved edge to securely fit in your sink drain; The strainer’s anti-clog design makes washing dishes, preparing meals, cleaning foods so much easier
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The kitchen basket strainer easily lifts out to empty and clean. Dishwasher safe. Clean with water and soap

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