Lectric XP Lite (E-Bike)


We’ve owned Lectric E-Bikes since the XP 1.0!  Since then, we’ve tried the XP 2.0 and now have the XP Lites.  All have been excellent e-bikes, but the Lite is definitely the easiest to load for travel as they fit in our truck’s back seat without folding! 😊

The XP™ Lite is Lectric’s most accessible model to date. This unique eBike maintains the core features Lectric riders know and love about the original XP™ and XP™ 2.0 models, while being more maneuverable, lighter, and more compact. A twist grip throttle option and five levels of pedal assist allow you to own the roads with confidence and agility. This eBike’s single speed functionality is perfect for riders on-the-go and looking for a simple transportation solution. Ride anywhere, anytime with the epic Lectric XP™ Lite.