Lippert Thin Shade Complete Window Kit for RV Entry Door


If you don’t have the Lippert Thin-Shade Ready installed in your RV but want the Thin Shade, this is the kit you need to replace your existing window.

  • ENHANCED VIEW - Aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, this kit gives you a clearer view and lets you enhance the look and functionality of your entry window in no time
  • EXTRA PRIVACY - When your shade is up, you will always have a clear view of the scene outside, plus added privacy inside with the integrated, tinted glass window
  • EASY OPERATION - Embedded inside your frame, the thin profile of the horizontal blind won’t make your entry door any wider, and you can easily adjust it up or down to give yourself the perfect amount of shade
  • DURABLE FRAME - Both interior and exterior black window frames are included and come with an integrated seal to keep moisture out and give your RV a sleek, stylish window solution
  • EASY UPGRADE - Our kit comes complete with the hardware and accessories needed to install the window, frame, and blind; all you need is a screwdriver
  • Window frame measures 24.72″ x 15.72″.Window dimensions measure 23.72″ x 14.72″