Liquified RV Toilet Treatment


We swore by Happy Camper treatment for years until Matt asked us to try this out.  SO much better!  Tank smells don’t come back nearly as fast, and it’s much easier to apply (the HC power would make me sneeze uncontrollably).

  • Breaks Down Waste for Easy Dumping: Our enzyme-based solution liquifies solid waste and toilet paper to make dumping smooth and easy. Eliminate years of build-up in your black tank with our powerful formula.
  • Fights Against Tank Odor: Get rid of foul black tank odor at the source with this product. This breaks down odor-causing bacteria and leaves a wonderful orange scent.
  • Helps Prevent Sensor Malfunction: Its cleaning superpower helps eliminate years of buildup on sensors so you can get a more accurate reading of your black tank levels.
  • 100% Biodegradable: Our formula is environmentally friendly and safe for all septic systems. It contains no formaldehyde so you can feel safe with it around pets and children.
  • Made in USA: Liquified is proudly made in Elkhart, Indiana–the RV capital of the world! We have listened to feedback from fellow RVers to create this amazing product.