Mobilemark 7-in-1 Omni-Directional Antenna


This is our permanently mounted roof antenna that connects to our Pepwave MAX Transit PRO.

The MobileMark popular 942 series 7-in-1 Roof Antenna now with support for 600mhz and 5G band support. The LTMG942 is a great addition to your cellular mobile router now with 600mhz and 5G support. 600Mhz is especially beneficial to T-Mobile customers looking to use Band 71.

Inside the compact housing are 7 omni-directional antennas. 4x Cellular, 2x WiFi and 1x GPS antennas are included. is the only seller that offers this antenna with a custom 84″ (7 ft) cable which is shorter than the standard 15′ offing better signal performance then the versions offered by other sellers. The antenna includes fittings for CradlePoint, Peplink/Pepwave including 4x SMA ports for cellular, 1x SMA port for GPS and 2x RP-SMA ports for WiFi.

Mobilemark antennas come equipped with neoprene gaskets and requires the locking nut to be installed for proper waterproofing. The antenna also requires a ground plane or metal roof for proper functionality. This can make installation a challenge for RV use as the antenna does not have an adhesive bottom. If you have questions on installation, please contact us.

Optional 3-meter extension cables are available should additional length be required.

Note a metal roof or ground plane is required for proper functionality.