Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Head


We’ve had this shower head since day 1 and it’s so much better than the stock head!
Be sure to also get this Danze Metal Interlock Shower Hose.  The one that comes with it is cheap and stiff.

  • Patented Oxygenics technology amplifies existing water pressure and widens coverage while minimizing water use and extending the life of water tanks
  • SmartPause valve helps preserve tank levels by quickly limiting water flow during soaping while keeping water temperatures consistent
  • Reduces shower time with a special spray pattern that make washing and rinsing faster, especially for those with long hair
  • Non-stick internal parts prevent mineral buildup and clogging, even in hard water conditions
  • Includes: Handheld shower head, 60” hose, SmartPause valve, wall mount holder and plumber’s tape