Parsec Great Pyrenees (11-in-1 5G Antenna)


Roof Antenna for our Peplink MAX BR2 Pro Dual 5G

The Great Pyrenees Series 11-in-1 Antenna got its name in the police ambulance and fire market by providing exceptional performance across a wide variety of spectrums when performance counts. The Parsec Great Pyrenees Series antennas are high-performance, IP67-rated, 5G Capable (600 MHz – 6 GHz) antennas. This antenna variant features 8 cellular antennas, 2 wireless antennas and 1 GPS antenna. This antenna is especially good for use with T-Mobile customers interested in receiving band 71 which operates at 600mhz which this antenna supports. The Parsec Great Pyrenees antenna is 10.75 inches in diameter with a height profile of approximately 2.25 inches off the roof making it compact but also large enough to be a top performer with one of the highest gain ratings in the market.

The Great Pyrenees has been designed to work with dual 5G modems that require 8x LTE antennas.  With each 5G modem being a 4×4 setup, dual 5G devices now require more LTE antennas than ever  before.  Parsec has been leaders in the antennas space and this antenna is first to the market to work in a 8×8 configuration.

Key Benefits

  • 8×8 Cellular, 2×2 WiFi, 1xGPS
  • Omnidirectional
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Profile
  • optional pole mount available
  • 15′ or 7′ included cable leads
  • White or black color casing