Parsec Akita 4×4 MIMO Omni-Directional Pole Mountable Antenna


When we are far from the cell towers and need extra range, we mount this on our weBoost pole.

Parsec’s Akita Series antenna is a compact wall mount, or pole mount 4X4 MIMO LTE Omni-Directional external antenna covering 617 MHz to 6 GHz. The panel style makes you think this antenna needs to be pointed however it is omni directional making it an ideal solution for quick deployment in RV or Marine Applications using a telescoping pole. With 4×4 MIMO this antenna can be used with our Pepwave Max Transit DUO CAT 12 providing exceptional cellular performance for both modems or it can be used with CAT 18 modems that require 4 antenna leads. This unobtrusive omni-directional antenna works on all LTE bands 617 – 6000 MHz with high efficiency.

While initially developed for indoor applications, Parsec has years of testing this antenna outdoors and has confirmed it is an excellent solution for outdoor use. Don’t let the IP54 water rating fool you. Parsec’s unique design allows moisture can ingress and egress out of the antenna without harming the antenna elements or the solder joints.  Parsec sprays humiseal on the elements to protect the antenna and has tested this method for years with customers without issue.

Key Benefits

  • Omni Directional Pole Mountable Outdoor/Indoor Antenna
  • 4×4 MIMO perfect for CAT 18 or Dual Modem CAT 6/12 Applications
  • 15′ Cable Leads (QTY 4)