Peplink MAX BR2 Pro Dual 5G/CAT-20 Mobile Router


This is the CORE of our Internet 4.0 (2023) Setup!

Dual 5G capability is finally here with the new MAX BR2 Pro Mobile Router. The BR2 is the result of over a year of conversations between Peplink, MobileMustHave and other Peplink Partners. As mobile power users ourselves, we provided Peplink with specifications on what mobile internet enthusiasts need to stay connected on the road and Peplink delivered with the BR2 Pro. The BR2 is a mobile communication powerhouse with 7 built in WAN interfaces including:

  • 2x 5G Embedded Cellular Modems with 4Gbps Max Download/700Mbps Upload
  • 2x 2.5Ge Wired WAN (compatible with StarLink, secondary Peplink Routers or other wired WAN connection)
  • 2Ghz/5Ghz Simultaneous WIFI-as-WAN to connect to 2x public WiFi simultaneously
  • USB WAN Port supports external tethered WAN devices including Peplink Max Adapter for a 3rd 5G Modem

The BR2 Pro chassis has been fully redesigned from the ground up with improved processors, memory and up to 1GB of max wan throughput making it an exceptional hub for multiple highspeed internet sources such as 5G cellular or StarLink low orbit satellite integration. The BR1 Pro supports the latest cellular bands for all of the major cellular carriers including 5G bands. This means you can access additional spectrums of the cellular networks providing additional speeds and/or access to cellular bands that are less congested. 5G cellular modules provide the most speed and flexibility possible.

The BR2 Pro 5G is recommended for power users who want expandability and exceptional performance at good value. The BR2 Pro has four sim slots (nano) allowing you to load this router with multiple sim cards from multiple carriers allowing you to select which sim/carrier is in use by each of the two 5G cellular routers. The signal from your cellular connection is then re-broadcasted wirelessly inside your coach or travel trailer using the unit’s high-powered WIFI 6, 2×2 MIMO WIFI antennas. You get powerful 2ghz (long-range) and 5ghz (high speed) wireless connectivity that now takes advantage of the latest WIFI 6 technology with much faster throughput than its predecessor while also getting 4x wired gigabit ethernet ports for your most demanding devices like VOIP phones or desktop computer/workstations.

You can also utilize the BR2 Pros LTE-A’s WIFI-As-Wan functionality to connect to campground WIFI in addition to utilizing the cellular modems. For the advanced user, you can load-balance multiple connections (advanced feature) allowing you to utilize wireless/wired and cellular connections simultaneously. Truly an industrial-grade, mobile workhorse for the serious travel enthusiast.

The unit’s highly customizable web interface supports a variety of advanced routing features and will satisfy the needs of power users while being extremely easy to use for the non-technical as well. The unit accepts 12v inputs (optional fused Molex direct wire cable exclusively from or you can use the included AC adapter for 110v installation. The BR2 Pro can also be powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) via the WAN port.

The BR2 Pro supports Peplink’s optional SIM injector providing up to 8 additional sim cards and has built in eSIM support for flexible remote sim management. See the documentation tab for the sim injector configuration manual which includes wiring examples.