Pepwave MAX Transit Pro Dual Modem CAT-7/CAT-12 LTE-A Router


This router is our main hub for all internet traffic and replaced our Max Transit DUO.

The big differences between this new one and the one it replaced are:

  • Faster Processor – allows the router to handle Speed Fusion Cloud traffic across multiple channels without breaking a sweat!  Our Max Transit Duo would peg the CPU which limited throughput.
  • One of the modems is now CAT-7 (which is actually newer than CAT-12) – this allows the modem to cover more bands, including Band-71!

New for 2022, the Transit Pro is the next-generation dual modem mobile router from Peplink. The Peplink Pepwave Max Transit Pro is the next generation of the overwhelmingly popular Max Transit DUO that was discontinued in early 2022. The Transit Pro now includes upgraded WIFI 6 technology as well as a faster processor and upgraded memory capable of 1Gbps of maximum throughput making it an ideal mobile router for customers looking for the most reliable internet solution for mobile use. The Transit Pro has a Category-7 Modem with support for Band-71 and other newer bands as well as a Category-12 modem with additional band support. By pairing CAT-7 and CAT-12 they have improved the Transit Pro by allowing it to pick up bands previously unavailable to its predecessor including TMobile’s rural Band-71 and AT&T’s rural Band-14. This router has dual modem capabilities with support for all of the major cellular carriers and includes Primecare licensing which gives the user access to Speedfusion Cloud cellular bonding. This unit is a serious mobile router for users serious about staying connected.  Primecare entitles the user to licensing for Speedfusion, an optional WAN bonding solution capable of utilizing a cloud server to virtually bond multiple cellular sims together into a unified internet connection. Speedfusion hosting is available to host yourself or Speedfusion Cloud is offered by Peplink. 1TB of Speedfusion cloud and 1 year of Speedfusion Cloud is included with your purchase.

The Transit Duo has a dual modem configuration allowing for two simultaneous cellular connections. This unit is capable of connecting to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile as well as additional carriers globally.  With simultaneous dual-band wifi you can set up multiple networks for 2Ghz (range) and 5Ghz (speed) within your RV, Boat, or Mobile Command Center to optimize and load balance your device connectivity.

The Transit also has an embedded wireless controller letting you add external wireless access points for even larger deployments. The Transit’s integrated wireless controller manages additional access points from its central management console. Thanks to automatic failover switching and multiple SIM slots (4x) with multi-carrier support, you will always be connected while on the road using a single, easy-to-use device. The Transit Pro utilizes nano sim cards.