Removable Suction Cup Hooks


Removable Suction Cup Hooks for Shower, Heavy Duty Vacuum Shower Hooks for Inside Shower, Red Bronze-Plated Plished Super Suction for Kitchen Bathroom Restroom, 4 Pack

【Super Suction and Long-Lasting Durability】The suction cup hooks are made of high-quality ABS plastic and BASF TUP rubber, which can withstand a maximum load of 15 pounds and be used for several years for several years.
【No Damage】No drilling it prevents any damage to the permanent structure and provides a flexible relocation location. Just adsorb the suction cup hooks on the tile wall.
【No Indentation】 If you need to change the use position of the product, you only need to lift the suction hook, then the suction cup hooks will fall form the wall to ensure that they will not leave indentation and wear on the wall.
【How to Use】Before installing the suction hook, the surface must be clean and dry. Firstly, the suction cup must be firmly pressed for 3 seconds to squeeze out the air, and then the pull hook must be pulled down to lock it on the wall surface. Then hang your clothes, towels, sponges, bathrobes, bedroom dressing, loofah, etc.
【Using Tips and Attention】This item is a pack of two hooks that work only on non-porous, smooth surfaces such as polished ceramic tile, mirror, glass window, polished stainless still wall and plastic board etc, and won’t work on any porous, bumpy, rough or textured surfaces such as rough coating surface, unpolished marble or wooden door, rugged porcelain surface etc.