50A Surge Guard Portable Total Electrical Protection


The Surge Guard 34951 Total Electrical Protection System provides the highest level of electrical protection for your RV and its sensitive electrical components. The unit is designed for 50-amp RVs and provides 4200 joules of protection.

It protects your RV against miswired pedestals, low and high voltage, surges, and more. The Surge Guard 34951 also has patented technology that not only protects your RV from bad power coming from the pedestal, but also protects you from power issues that occur inside your RV. The device’s LCD panel gives you line voltage, amps, and faults in easy-to-understand language instead of codes you have to remember. It is compatible with the free Surge Guard app which gives real-time data on your voltage, wattage, and faults. It comes with Southwire’s industry-leading Lifetime Warranty plus Connected Equipment Coverage which means that if this unit fails to do what it was intended to do and damage occurs to equipment in your RV that Surge Guard will pay for those damages.