TEMCo 10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable


TEMCo 10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable – Made in The USA 100 Feet Black (Variety of Lengths Available)

MADE IN THE USA – Bare copper conductor, Cross linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Insulation
RoHS Compliant, UL 4703, 44, 854 rated – Temperature rating: -40°C Min, 90°C Max. 600 V 10 AWG
UV and Sunlight Resistant. Direct Burial rated Applications include: Solar Panels, DC circuits, inverter wiring.
The solar cable offered in this listing is 10 AWG which is UL rated for 40A. Using large diameter cable will minimize power line loss in your solar panel system. Choose the size offered above that makes installation easy and simple saving time and money during installation.
Widely used for solar applications along with batteries, lamps, household appliances, electric heating appliances, meters, instruments, motor lead wire and digital fields