RESTMO Water Flow Meter (with 360° Rotatable Control Panel)


Our new favorite water meter!  Brass connections instead of plastic, so it won’t break easily like our save-a-drop did.  And the rotating display means you don’t have to read upside down!

  • 360° rotate control panel for easy reading. You can find the best reading position whether it’s on hose nozzle or a faucet. 1.3inch large LCD screen and one-touch control push button, this water flow meter can easily display and track the water usage & flow rate of your outdoor garden hose with 4 different measurement modes.
  • The pure brass inlet and outlet metal thread are heavy duty and enhance durability. No hassle from frequently installs and uninstalls from hose/faucet.
  • Short press the button to change the mode from FLOW / CONSUMPTION / AVERAGE / TOTAL. Flow Mode: real-time water flow rate | Consumption Mode: last-time water usage | Average Mode: daily average water usage of a week (count from next day) | Total Mode: total water usage.
  • Long press the button at flow mode to switch the unit (gallon to liter). Reset data when long press the button at other modes. The LCD screen goes to sleep automatically if there is no operation/water flow in 1 minute.
  • Built-in with hall type sensor and IC chipset, which provide more accurate measurement and precise calculations. The measurement tolerance is less than 5%, great to measure how much amount of water are used and prevent over-watering.
  • The battery back cover comes with a swivel bar that can be easily opened and closed without the help of a battery cover opener.
  • Rugged design with premium heavy duty ABS material, this water meter is weatherproof and durable, great to resist UV, sunshine, and rain. The IPX6 waterproof grade ensures more stability for outdoor use.