weBoost Antenna Telescoping Mounting Pole (25 Foot)


When we need to raise our Akita Parsec antenna up for better cell reception, we mount it on this pole.

Designed primarily to work with RV applications, the 25 ft. Antenna Mounting Pole can also be used for mounting outdoor antennas on the side of buildings or your RV. The pole requires being mounted to a vertical structure and can be configured to any height from 6-25 ft. by twist-locking the five telescoping sections into place.

This pole is compatible with all of our pole mountable antennas including antennas from Weboost, Parsec, Poynting, Panorama, Pepwave and more.

An excellent pair for directional antennas or omni directional pole mount antennas. Every 10ft of vertical elevation can increase cellular signal by 2-3db due to curvature of the earth and clearer line of sight to cellular or WiFi transmission towers.